12-Steps to Spirituality By Overcoming Addictions

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Von Galt for one of her international pod casts, the subject being Paganism spirituality, therapy and the 12-step recovery programme for the treatment and recovery from addiction. She is a very knowledgeable lady, I very much enjoyed the topic and her enthusiasm for recovery in all its various guises. Welcome to view the video and see the notes provided. I hope this helps you.


  1. Before we dig into your work. Can you tell us your story about how you got into this work?
  2. As an Addiction & Behaviorist Specialist, is there a common childhood trauma that you keep seeing with many of your clients?
  3. There are “normies” and “addicts”. Now, I just came from a NA ladies retreat, which we do every year for 21 years now. The positive trend I notice is the attendees are young, which means that many are getting help earlier than before. Some of my best childhood friends are addicts, but I ended up a normie. Why are some people more suspect of becoming addicts than others who have a stop-loss?
  4. What kinds of coping skills can you suggest to people learning to deal with their life traumas and struggles without relapsing back into their addictions?
  5. You’re also a Family Therapist who teaches families how to cope with their own lives while the addict in their family works the 12-steps towards recovery. There is a common trait in that a lot of families enable the addict by constantly bailing them out, paying for everything, and endless tears of sorrow for the pain of seeing their loved one go through addiction. What results is that many addicts do not hit bottom. Many addicts also die, because of their addiction. What can you tell families in this situation? How can they let go of their addicted family member, so that he/she can complete their journey to hitting the bottom and start the process of recovery without taking down the whole family?
  6. I live in the Seattle area, and we have a massive drug population among the homeless community here. There are used needles in the parks, on the streets, and my friend’s mom even found one in a bathroom toilet paper roll at a Seattle grocery store by one of these homeless communities. What do you advise cities do to address the addiction issues and also enforce the laws?
  7. What got you to learn Reiki energy healing and offer it to clients? Can you tell us some of your most profound cases?
  8. You are also trained in the Bards, Ovates, and Druids school of thought. How do you use those skills to help people connect to the main creator in all of us?
  9. Now, you’re located in Bristol, UK. However, you also offer online consultations for people dealing with addiction all over the world using Skype and Zoom. What can people expect an online session to be like?
  10. What are your suggestions for building a 5th dimension society? Any last message?

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To learn more about Von Galt’s metaphysical work: https://merkabachakras.com/

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