With Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar

Birch: An exercise in release and manifestation

Sweeping out of the old and heralding in of the new.

The Birch teaches us of determination in making a fresh start, and but also the courage to give of ourselves for the benefit of the whole forest. 

According to the ancient tradition of these lands, Birch is the tree of January, and used magically to sweep out old stagnant circumstances, and draw towards us. a new beginning.  

Working with the spirit of Birch, we have an active day of ritual and spell working, where we ritualistically throw off those aspects of our life which we no longer need, making way for a fresh start.  In the afternoon, we learn the composition of the art of manifestation, and then we put that into action for our own futures, making sure that it is in the best interests of all concerned.    Most importantly of all – we visit a grove of Birches, to physically connect with the energy of those beautiful trees.

When: Saturday the 19th of January

Time: 09h30 till 16h30

Where: In a herb garden, in a yurt near Petersfield

Price: £80.00 per person

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