Baby Blessings Ceremony

Baby Blessings Ceremony to Recognize the IncarnationBaby Blessings is a ceremony or celebration to recognize the incarnation into this life that this new soul has chosen to experience, honoring that choice and the parents that have been chosen.   For many folk these days the language of a traditional church christening is a tad alien and has little meaning,. That said there is still a strong desire to celebrate in a spiritual way the life of this new child or children.  I have had the joy to fascilitate a celebration for twin girls and their older sister.

Baby blessings are beautiful and again uniquely tailored to involve the whole family if required, parents,  grandparents, friends, the directions and the elements of nature  and of life that makes us what we are. These are non-traditional multi-spiritual events that aim to be joyful and non controversial (so no one should be offended, or feel left out.)

Baby Blessing Celebrency Testimonials

When we wanted to hold a group baby welcoming ceremony, anchored in the rooted love of the land and the people, Adrian was the natural choice for us. With his kind and understanding ways, plus his fearless way of being his true self, we knew that our baby son would be celebrated in a way that ticked all the boxes for us. The ceremony was joyful, sacred, funny, honoring and deeply touching. We were each able to shine our light freely and feel seen and heard by our lovely community. I loved working with him in co-creating all the different aspects that meant so much to us.

Thank you Adrian Rooke for the life you live and what you bring to us all 🙂 Lasare Maloney