Handfasting Celebrant Testimonials for Adrian Rooke

Our Testimonial for Adrian Rooke, our Handfasting Celebrant 26th May 2018

Where to begin to give thanks to Adrian to show how magnificent he was as our Handfasting Celebrant.

His calm support and guidance whilst encouraging Jim and I to plan our ceremony as we wanted.

His readiness to share his experiences and wisdom whilst drawing upon our own.

His patience and easy manner.

Adrian always gave us his time.

On the day of our Handfasting Ceremony at Stanton Drew stone circle he was beautifully organised.

His very presence was reassuring and calming.

He managed our 129 guests with clear guidance and kindness.

His Energy shon through him.

His passion for his role on our very special day emanated.

He oozed with Ceremonial Grandeur.

What greater Blessing upon our day to have Adrian Rooke as our Handfasting Celebrant.

He gave us incredible memories on a Unique and wonderous day.

Thank you from our hearts Adrian.

You helped us join as one in our favourite place with our favourite people.

Blessed be to Adrian and all lucky enough to call him their Celebrant and most of all our friend.


Heather and Jim Ramsay 2018

John & Lisa 2019

Robin & Georgina 2019

Luke & Sophie 2019