Robin & Georgina Handfasting 2019

Sent 12 October 2019

We were so honoured to have Adrian help us create our handfasting ceremony, and then to lead it in the most wonderful and heartfelt way. Throughout the creation process he gave us great advice, a selection of examples to learn from and clear guidance whenever we were uncertain. Always willing to listen and feel into what we were truly saying, his gentle support was key in allowing us to create something very personal while still including key elements of a Druidic handfasting ceremony.

The way he led the ceremony itself was perfect. It was sacred and beautiful, while being full of humour and joy, and everyone loved it whatever their background or belief. The ceremony created something truly magical – a deep and profound connection between ourselves, our guests, and the spirit of the land itself, that will resonate in all of us for ever.

Our deepest and most sincere thanks to you, Adrian and Jo – it was an honour to share the day with you. With blessings and thanks,

Robin & Georgina

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