About Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers Addiction Treatment Centre South Africa

I first met David Briskham when I joined the team at Broadway Lodge – one of the most prestigious addiction treatment centres in the world.

We were part of the front-line, primary care counselling team. Over the period of time that I worked with David, we forged a friendship based initially around our shared passion in supporting those individuals with various addictions, to recover and access all the joys, opportunities and benefits of a sober life.

When David announced his intention to further his career opportunities in South Africa at Twin Rivers Treatment Facility, I was both pleased for David and a little sad for myself in losing a close friend, and for Broadway Lodge for losing a dedicated and valuable member of the team.

I, myself went on to manage the Primary Care Team at Broadway Lodge, and it greatly pleased me to watch from afar as David’s career blossomed and he eventually took over the running Twin Rivers as the proprietor.

David and I have stayed friends over the years, and given a different situation with regards to my health, I would have loved to have taken the opportunity to join David at Twin Rivers, because enabling the client to get well and achieve their greatest potential is still at the core of the Twin Rivers ethos. This is especially precious as it is not always the case nowadays at all treatment centres.

Nevertheless, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to act as the UK representative for Twin Rivers Treatment Centre in South Africa, were I am available for free consultations to assess whether Twin Rivers is the best option for prospective clients from the UK. I do this alongside my own private practice as a counsellor, and offer follow-up consultations and support to both the client and the family members upon the completion of treatment at Twin Rivers.

I truly believe that anyone in need of treatment for addictions can do no better than to choose Twin Rivers both for the gentleness and professionalism of care, whilst at the same time receiving excellent value for money.