26 Years Clean of Alcohol

26 Years Clean of AlcoholLong long ago in what now seems like a past life, my formative years were very influenced somewhat negatively by alcohol consumption, my father was a publican and ran tough pubs with lots of violence, he was also a heavy drinker as were most of the men in my family, and unfortunately it lead to an early exit from life for grandfather, uncle, and unfortunately my father.

Now one might think that with this amount of evidence I would never touch a drop of the amber nectar but no unfortunately, I followed the same path, my theory around this is that Addiction is a karmic Journey, Carl young said that he felt addiction was a low grade quest for spiritual connection, I cant disagree with that supposition.

I have subsequently not touched Alcohol for now on 26 years and through following the teachings of a 12 step fellowship, I have been able to find my soul purpose and to make my life count for something, both by working in the field of addiction as a professional (the most divine form of Alchemy, to witness a broken life restored to a useful and purposeful life) but also as an active member of AA.

I have had a journey beyond my wildest dreams, finding my spiritual home in Druidry and paganism, combining together to allow me to open my heart to all those that I meet upon the path has given me such joy and I can say without it being egocentric that I have been able to help many souls towards finding there own light.

Yesterday I was a speaker at a large convention in Weston Super Mare and was able to talk about the paradox of having had problems with my heart physically since I was 21 culminating in a total collapse just over 2 years ago after several heart attacks, two open heart surgery’s and a new pacemaker.

I am still here by the grace of the Gods, my work here is not done.

The title of the symposium was the language of the heart, I believe for myself, that as Leonard Cohen said in one of his songs, its through the cracks that the light shines through.

Completely unplanned I completed my talk by singing to the Audience a song that for me sums up my journey and to end this article I will share the words with you all:

Let the way of the heart (x2)

Let the way of the heart shine through (x2)

Love upon Love upon Love , all hearts are beating as one

Light upon Light upon Light , shining as bright as the sun.

It befalls us all in these strange and challenging times to shine our own light as brightly as we can.

Blessed Be