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12 Step Recovery Retreat

Location: Broadway Lodge, Somerset 31st May – 2nd June 2019 Join experienced therapist Adrian and our specialist team on a weekend of reflection, meditation, chanting, and mindfulness in nature. The weekend will involve a comprehensive mixture of life enhancing workshops, shares and group experiences to nurture your wellbeing and invigorate your mind, body and soul. […]

Tea With a Druid

From the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids Facebook Group, Live Webcam In this evening’s tea, Adrian shares personal stories about how magic has helped him and changed his life


With Adrian Rooke & Jo Dunbar Birch: An exercise in release and manifestation Sweeping out of the old and heralding in of the new. The Birch teaches us of determination in making a fresh start, and but also the courage to give of ourselves for the benefit of the whole forest.  According to the ancient […]

The Magical Forest

We all have a special gift that we bring into the world, which could be called your unique light, but so many of us keep our light hidden under a bushel. Working with the inspiration of Ivy (Gort), we will create a magical map, as to how you can bring your vision into fruition. We […]

Weekend Workshop – The Hawthorn and The Heart

This weekend, myself and Jo Dunbar, ran a workshop based around and exploring the relationship between the heart, the Hawthorn tree at this seasonal time of Beltane when the Hawthorn is in flower. We ran the workshop in the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire, where we were blessed to be surrounded by tall […]

Conversation Between Arian Power and Adrian Rooke – BBC Listening

Conversation video between Arian (Jan) Power and Adrian Rooke recorded by Emma Colman for BBC Listening project. A Brief Introduction I was contacted by a friend who was asked to participate in dialogue/discussion for the BBC around a topic of interest to be aired on the BBC Radio and also to be stored in the […]

Adrian Rooke visits Adfam in Holloway Prison

In a similar spirit of understanding what treatment options are available, counsellor Adrian Rooke left the comparative comfort of Broadway Lodge’s rural residence service to work with Adfam in London’s Holloway Prison. When my chief executive, Pauline Bissett, asked me if I would like to do an exchange day with Adfam – a national charity […]