Adrian Rooke Testimonials

Adrian Rooke Therapy UK BristolThe below testimonials are from clients that were treated by Adrian Rooke for Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Celebrency testimonials are included

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Testimonials

I first met Adrian in 2003 where I found myself lost in a world where I hated life and I hated myself. I felt completely alone, I was broken and no one was listening. I felt like I was being passed from person to person and deteriorating fast so made the decision to go into treatment for Drugs and Alcohol. I was sceptical and reluctant at first as I had never heard of therapy, but then I found Adrian. I was self-destructing rapidly and this decision for sure saved my life. I was on the brink with sucidal thoughts and failed attempts and all I needed was a safe place and someone to listen to me. I’ve never been much of a talker, I was a shy lost little boy but as I built up my trust in Adrian it became easier.

When I found it difficult to talk and explain my feelings Adrian would encourage me to write, which is something i’d never done. I’d never spoken about myself and this was so uncomfortable for me but Adrian was very empathic, compassionate and symphathetic, which It helped me to be honest and to not hold back.

At times I am quite an awkward and challenging character but Adrian never gave up on me, as Adrian would challenge me, tell me about myself and give me assignments around the things I needed to work on. Adrian has a natural skill with communicating, he is full of warmth and very spiritual. I always valued his ideas, opinions and feedback.

With Adrians help and guidance, today I am much quicker to recognise problems and instead of reacting negatively and without thinking, I’m much more inclined to search for a solution, instead of creating more problems adding to the list to bury. I am also more aware of the signs leading to destructive habits and am more likely to avoid altercations which may occur.

I had never thought very much of myself, I didn’t like who I was and I definetly couldn’t see a future but today I more accepting of who I am, what I am capable of and what I can achieve.

With Adrians love, support and guidance, to date I am 14 years clean of drugs and not had a drink for 19 years. Adrian helped clear my mind and move forward but most importantly (for me) Adrian has given me the confidence to realise that I am a good person with great qualities and I am very proud to say that I am the person that I should have always been.

Baby Blessing Celebrency Testimonials

When we wanted to hold a group baby welcoming ceremony, anchored in the rooted love of the land and the people, Adrian was the natural choice for us. With his kind and understanding ways, plus his fearless way of being his true self, we knew that our baby son would be celebrated in a way that ticked all the boxes for us.

The ceremony was joyful, sacred, funny, honoring and deeply touching. We were each able to shine our light freely and feel seen and heard by our lovely community. I loved working with him in co-creating all the different aspects that meant so much to us.

Thank you Adrian Rooke for the life you live and what you bring to us all 🙂 Lasare Maloney

Stella Zingas – Healer, Voice Therapist and Hypnotherapist

About 28 years ago, at the very beginning of his sobriety, Adrian came to my house for “Open-house Healing” which quickly developed into one-to-one sessions. For the next four years we explored every aspect of his previous addictive life and the possibilities for change and it was through his true grit and determination that he grew in strength and understanding of how to move forward, despite the many obstacles.

It was during this time that Adrian discovered OBOD and our weekly talks steered more towards this new path that he was taking. Together we studied the Gwersu and I joined him for the first year of our becoming Ovates. When he went on to become a Druid, I made his first white hooded robe – a fitting tribute to him.

To have known Adrian at the very outset of his exciting journey and to witness the transformation from his previous life of addiction to who he has become is an absolute privilege and the evidence of his successful battle deserves the utmost respect from all who know him.

His monumental effort of tenacity and dedication to change his life and seek higher truths is what makes Adrian the Spiritual Warrior he is today. I am humbled to have been one of the jig-saw puzzle pieces that helped to produce the completed picture of this inspiring and talented man.

Long may he weave his knowledge and wisdom into the lives of all he encounters.

Stella Zingas – Author, healer, voice therapist and hypnotherapist.

Broadway Lodge Treatment Centre Testimonial

Hello my names Leo

It would give me great pleasure and an honour to write about my experiences with Adrian Rooke. I first met Adrian in 2010 when i ended up very poorly with cirrhosis and Pneumonia at Broadway Lodge Treatment centre. I’d been fast tracked from the N.H.S to the Center.

I entered traumatised after 40 years of a life I’d never understood. Moreover i had know idea of who i was or how I’d got there. Adrian became my primary counsellor, carer and after a while my freind. Adrian was someone i could respect and look up to. Knowing i would not be judged. Well just a little

Lol X

In my life i had lost my girlfriend my niece and lots of freinds to suicide and adiction and became a person to whom i could talk about this openly with.

Adrian began to help me with my grief and anger issues. Grief and anger being the thing he and i had identified that i needed to learn to deal with. Adrian later became my mentor helping to have a spiritual awakening around my loss. The loss of loved ones.

I woke up one morning and it was gone – compleatly gone and never returned to this day.

Adrian knowledge of counseling of any form as i belive knows no bounds. He is truly a man amongst men. I trust him with my life and would recommend anyone with any problems eg Mental – Grief – Suicide – Obsession and many other disorders to speak with him.

He came into my life and gave me hope, he gave me courage and strength.

I am now free from all my obsessions, out in the world living a positive spiritual life based on Honesty, faith and courage.

7 years clean and sober with the ability to help others in need on a daily basis.

Your faithfully


Broadway Lodge Testimonial

Hi Adrian, Sorry its taken so long to reply and hope its not to late, but the essence of my appraisal was that when I attended my first post programme after attending Broadway Lodge, held at Winford Manor, I will Always remember you saying to me “Nige, you have the ability to do this kind of work” ie Therapy with addicts, it took me by suprise as Id not heard that before from anyone and to be honest I didnt have the self belief.

When you said that to me in Winford Manor that day, It sowed a seed that grew inside of me, I went on to college, Uni’ etc and qualified as a therapist and have worked in the field for almost 14 years. My work has been wide and varied, ie Prison (Rapt) to the Priory. Its been an up and down kind of work life, but I wouldnt change one second of it. I feel my maturity came from the experience so far and for that I thank you for that show of confidence in me, when I had None myself. you are and have always been an inspirational man, since we first met in Bristol. I even remember you giving me my first Recovery chip, holding it tight in my hand and saying “Now build on it” a phrase I still use today with others.

The Path Of Recovery

It’s no understatement that Adrian just about saved my life! When I first met him, I was at the tail end of active addiction (having spent many years in ever increasing decline) and had resigned myself to an early death from drugs. In other words, I’d given up hope completely, long before we met, having never been able to achieve a significant amount of clean time, despite my previous efforts working with various doctors, psychiatrists and community health workers.

Adrian immediately gave me a new perspective on the nature of my addiction. It was like lifting a veil on the reality of my situation and with his help I soon became acutely aware of the denial, self-delusion and root causes and effects of addiction that had eluded me for so long.

Having walked in my shoes before, I was able to trust Adrian’s guiding hand as he led me out of the darkness onto the path of recovery and with each step along the way I began to change for the better. Suddenly I had hope, inspiration and faith that a new way of life was indeed possible.

It was a relief that I was able to share my newfound freedom and happiness with those around me, as family, friends, colleagues and strangers alike no longer had to suffer the consequences of my using.

A way of life that was previously beyond my comprehension soon became a reality and for the first time ever I felt truly happy. I honestly don’t like to think where I might be had I not crossed paths with Adrian; I feel blessed to have received the gift of recovery – the gift of life!

Funeral Testimonial

Adrian led my Mums funeral service on 11/1/18 with care, love, compassion and authenticity.

I am so glad I asked him. No one would have or could have done such a beautiful fitting service.

He led it in a dignified and respectful way with such tenderness.

Adrian was outstanding and I would recommend him to take a service whatever your belief or values are. He is so diverse and varied that he could accommodate and adjust the service to fit any denomination.

Outstanding, memorable and perfect for anyone’s final journey on this planet.

There was nothing that could have been done to improve the service. It was utterly perfect in every way.

Thank you Adrian from deep within my heart.

Love Jayne x