Hand carved Sacred Oghams Wands and NecklacesHand carved Sacred Oghams Wands and Necklaces are available for purchase. If you are interested email me your name and address to



 These talismans are I believe unique, containing a little piece of the dryad within each tree. The history behind them, each is carved from the original wood. By that i mean Oak is Oak, and Hawthorn is carved from a hawthorn, I have seen whole Ogham sets burnt onto one wood i.e. silver birch, this does not feel energetically right to me, so my woods are collected respectfully and with majick in mind.



They are then stripped of the bark (in most cases) allowed to dry and then hand carved by myself with love and reverence. When carved they are then treated with a wood preserve, Coulron Antique Oil, varnished to ensure longevity of life. They get buffed up and polished then a cord is added before they go out into the world to add a little majick to whoever wears them. all this is over 2 hours work. That said I imbue each one with love as each ogham Talisman is a joy to carve in its own individual way.

Hand Carved Sacred Oghams Wands



Thank you for your interest.